Why Nevertheless?

Nevertheless, is one of my favorite English words. Oh, and it’s Steven Colbert’s favorite word as well!

Nevertheless might be considered more sophisticated than ‘however’ and maybe a more romantic way to say ‘but’. It certainly shows pragmatism – which is how I perceived it when I first heard it. It’s a way of looking beyond an obstacle, a negative thought; it’s a breath of fresh air.

So here we are, a team of individuals passionate about art worldwide, collecting art stories from across a wide cultural spectrum between New York and Beirut, offering a space to share them with a wider audience that appreciates culture, art, art books and all related matters.  

Why New York and Beirut? 

For a start, we will mainly focus on artists living in these two cities but we will be open to extending to other cities later on.

We are amazed by these two cities’ ability to induce creativity and inspire every person to have a deeper look into their art scene.

No doubt, there is something captivating about both destinations. It is not a mere coincidence that Elias Khoury, the renowned Lebanese international author, wrote an article about these two wonderful cities and drew parallels between them. A big apple that suffered through 9/11 and a small apple that witnessed an apocalyptic explosion on Aug 4th 2020 are united in pain, survival but mostly in the attachment built towards them. 

We hope you will enjoy our collection of interviews, encounters, visits and selection of poems and books. 

We would also like to consider Nevertheless.us as an opportunity of a digital space that revives “slow journalism” in a one way or another. 

Please feel free to send us your honest feedback and suggestions if and when you can.


Behind Nevertheless

May Elian

Artist, Freelance Journalist, and social justice activist. May holds a Masters in Journalism and BA in Information Management.

Born in Beirut. Lived in Washington DC. Immigrated to Ottawa and now living in New York. May is also an environment defender, a bibliophile, and a street wanderer.

What's art in your life?

As Louise Bourgeois said it best "Art is a guarantee of sanity.”

Where is your here and there?

Here is New York for now and there is Beirut and Ottawa. Here is also my bubble where I create my own world to survive the harshness of the sad bad daily news. The "there" is the green grass on the other side where we respect our planet and work on saving it for others who will come after us.

When is it nevertheless for you?

I use it often, if not in my sentences but in my daily end of day analysis routine. So in spite of what preceded of unfortunate events, nevertheless beautiful art exists and there is always my daughters' smiles regardless of the pandemics and lockdowns.

Domitille Marchal Lemoine

Lobbyist, philanthropist passionate about Arts and culture, travel and cooking, Domitille studied at Sciences-Po Paris and Paris Dauphine University before pursuing a career in communications. Co-founder of Overcome SynGAP1, an avid bookworm, she raised her three children in London, Paris and New York.

What's art in your life?

Art is the little something that makes everything look and taste better: a beautiful sunlight by the window, a good book, a piece of music, an exhibition, a wonderful pastry…

Where is your here and there?

My here is the United States where I have lived for the past 7 years. I feel anyway that I am deeply and fondly European, my French roots are hard to deny, but I also feel close to many other cultures and am so grateful that I had the opportunity to live in different places and travel so much abroad!

When is it nevertheless for you?

Always! I feel that I need to be demanding and try to improve everything as well as I want to fight and manage to get what I want to achieve, nevertheless the obstacles!

Nevertheless.us is not representing any artist or having any commercial activity: we are a blog featuring art we chose to bring to your attention.