Art Omi, a sculpture heaven in the Upper Hudson Valley, New York.

Art Omi pannel
A 2 hours drive from NYC, Art Omi is a fantastic 120-acre park where you can safely enjoy around 60 works by artists from around the world. With an ambitious program of art residency, education workshops and exhibitions, it is a must visit in the Hudson Valley. 

1405 Country Route 22, Ghent, NY. 

Open daily, free of charge, click here for more information. 

On display right now we chose to share some specific works.

Clouds, Olaf Breuning

Clouds, Olaf Breuning. Powder-coated aluminum, steel. This is a comic representation of the clouds, which are tied to a wood structure instead of floating freely in the sky.

Arrows, Tony Tassett Car paint on aluminum. A great interpretation of such a plain sign by Chicago-based artist Tony Tassett.

Marriage Tree, Dennis Oppenheim

Marriage Tree, Dennis Oppenheim Steel pipe, steel plate, cast fiberglass. A representation of relationship and balance interpreted with humor and fantasy.


ReActor, Alex Schweder & Ward Shelley Wood and Concrete. This project is part of an experimental series of "social relationship architecture" . Alex and Ward live there periodically . The construction rotates in response to its inhabitants movements, exterior forces and conditions: this shows the connections between, architecture and its inhabitants.  

art OMI


Hou de Sousa

Scapegoat, Nari Ward


Nari Ward


Somos 11 millones / We are 11 million

Andrea Bowers 

Untitled, Bianca Beck


Bianca Beck

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